*I am just a simple country girl,and a punk rock princess rolled into one. I love American muscle cars,and lifted Dodge trucks..I like cowboy boot,cowboy hats and boys with tattoos..*
*I am a Baseball and Hockey kind of girl*
=I love the The Cubs,The Mets,The Red Socks,& The Washington Nationals.=
=I love The Buffalo Sabers,& The New York Rangers.=
~ This is an everything that i love blog.. I fallow back!!!! I am what i am,i do what i like,and i like what i like .~

______RIGHT NOW ITS ALL Drake and Taylor (Star-Crossed) AND NOTHING HURT!!________
-P.S. This Blog is a heavy- Revolution,Teen Wolf,and The Walking Dead,with lots of grunge thrown in,With Many More Things Added In.. But it is also very random.....
~You've been warned!!!!~

~I love all thins Alice In Wonderland,and Peter Pan.
-I have an undying love for Norman Reedus.
- Clayne Crawford had ruined my life.
- I love all things Shiloh Fernandez
-Jai Courtney does things to my lady parts-
-Scott Eastwood hot damn you are sexy-
-Jesse Luken does things to me-
....Brantley Gilbert is yummy.....

*Paul walker's movies were the light in the darkness of my childhood,he was my first crush,my first fave actor. He will always be in my heart.. I Love You Paul..*

-I love reading, writing,painting,music, movies,comic books,tattoos,snowy,rainy days, and mud puddles.
- I love any zombie movie. Harry Potter is way better then Twilight. -Werewolves are better then vampires.
-I have an addiction to Chocolate Milk & Orange Juice
-I tote. Live for the Brat Pack movies.

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